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Week 40: Move in!!!

Move in day was a success!  The house looks great Shaun and Amber have been an absolute pleasure to work with (also confirmed by the fact that my trades love them too!). We can't start landscaping the outside for another 4-6 weeks, so more photos will follow when that's all done!

Week 39: Cleaning up

Well, Enbridge has been a royal pain to work with this year.  Despite having a great relationship with the subcontracting installer, they have delayed and delayed.  With stepped up pressure, we finally got our gas service installed 2 days before moving in!  So this week, we started the clean up process..... the full cleaning crew was in, the duct cleaners did their work and Mick got the garage floor finished with an epoxy coating.  Finally, George activated the alarm and cameras in the house.

Week 38: Finishing Touches

With just a couple of weeks to go before a slightly moved up desired move-in date, we are getting the final touches prepared in the house.  Backsplashes, stair finishing, vanities hung and more.

Week 37: Kitchen!!!

Shawn from Rosedale kitchens started installation on Tuesday.  I love the kitchen - it really looks sharp and the wood exteriors are something different than a typical white kitchen.

Week 36: This is how Ingrid rolls

I've know Ingrid for almost 10 years now.  She's my wallpaper expert and always does an amazing job!

Week 35: Interior hardware

Still no Enbridge, so this little green electric heater is heating the whole house! Mick has finished spraying in the house, so Jampa swung by to install all of the interior hardware.